Global Design Trends spotlighted during the ED Awards in Porto

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European Design Awards 2017 ceremony is right around the corner, with the event scheduled to take place May 27 at Rivoli, starting at 6:30 pm.

The city is booming with creativity and genius, through workshops, exhibitions and studio walks summoning the community to a global debate on the role of communication design in society at large.

The "Two Pages" exhibition opened May 25 at Silo Auto, with designers Konstantinos Trichas and Dionysis Livanis inviting participants to explore the visual language and the urban culture of Porto, from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Also on May 25, starting at 2:00 pm, at the Post Office building, the collective Post Eady will host the workshop "A Tumblr Manifesto: The Critical Intentions of the Interface Deco".

The collective Post Eady (Joana Pestana, from Portugal, Vilja Achté, from Finland, and Max Ryan, from the UK), was formed at the Royal College of Art, in London, in 2015. They organise installations, workshops and lectures to discuss and generate manifestos in the field of graphic design, to provide participants with a perspective of the various trends in Graphic Design as a subject and as a creative process.

According to Joana Pestana, the Post Eady Tumbrl manifesto is a stream of flattened visual information, whose final purpose is "not to criticize the design trends but rather to expand how design practice is framed and how those frames are constructed and amended in terms of trends".

In addition to the workshops there is the opening of "Two Pages" exhibition at Silo Auto Gallery, starting at 6:30 pm. The display will run until May 28. The show features an international selection of 112 spreads that encompass different design approaches such as drawing, sketching, illustration, photography and design.

Friday, May 26, Studio Walks will get you round some of the best design agencies and studios in Porto and Matosinhos. The evening has in store the exhibit "Ten Years of European Design Awards" at Edifício dos Correios, that gathers, for the first time, the best of best of awarded work from several reputed agencies from various countries, including R2, based in Porto. It opens at 8 pm.

The highlight of the ED Awards programing is Saturday, with an international conference followed by European Design Awards Ceremony taking place at Rivoli, at 6:30 pm.

Later that day, the debut of "Design by Porto, Porto by Design: 4 years of design of Porto City Hall", at Edifício dos Correios, at 10:30 pm.

This is ED Awards 10th Edition, hosted in Porto, themed "Celebrating Creative Excellence". This is why Porto is the European Capital of Design at the moment, bringing together the foremost experts in the field of communication design form Europe and all across the world as well, thanks to the unstinting efforts on the part of Porto City Hall team, namely Nuno Santos.