Galeria Municipal offers a free open programme this weekend

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In the context of the exhibition “Desejos Compulsivos – A Extração do Lítio e as Montanhas Rebeldes”, there will be a guided tour, this Saturday, and a conversation on the next day.

The exhibition, that has been on display since March, approaches existing issues in extractivism, exhaustion, and productivity, through the artists’, activists’, and case studies’ proposals. Curated by Marina Otero Verzier, the project reflects on current themes, such as regarding to Minas de Covas de Barroso, highlighting the emergency of an active and aware social role.

In this context, Galeria Municipal will offer two public activities. A guided tour to analyse the different works that exhibition presents, is scheduled on Saturday at 4pm.

On the following day, Sunday, at 5pm, Leanne Wijnsma and Anastasia Kubrak – participant artists – will take part in a conversation moderated by Marina Otero Verzier. From the compulsive extraction to the history of therapeutic and wellness processes, this will be a moment of reflection and exchange, that will elaborate on the artistic practice as a work of persistence and obsession.

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