Fun and educational activities for children with CiiL. Go for it!

These days, many interesting activities pop up from several entities in Porto, as social isolation is under way to fight the pandemic. 

This time around it is the Centre for Research and Intervention in Reading - CiiL that enables virtual access to its action to promote educational success via good reading and writing habits. Thus, the CiiL platform is available on social media with fun activities and games, on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, with the hashtag #ficaemcasacomoCiiL.


This is the result of a systematic intervention with students from the state school network, which started in 2015. Currently, this intervention covers all students of the state network in Porto, reaching circa 773 children. This work is coordinated with the class teacher.

The CiiL project is the result of a partnership between the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Porto City Hall and the Ministry of Education. As of 2018, this platform benefits from European funding, through the NORTE 2020 programme. Its main goal is to fight school failure, in the scope of the Integrated and Innovative Plans to Fight Academic Failure (PIICIE).