Formosa and Alexandre Braga streets are open to public transport circulation

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The streets of Formosa and Alexandre Braga, which were closed to traffic since 25th January, owing to the works at the Bolhão Market ancient building, are now open. Also, this was the day that a gigantic canvas was placed all around the working site of Bolhão, depicting all the familiar faces of Bolhão traders.

Automobile traffic is now possible, between Rua Formosa and Sa da Bandeira and Rua de Santa Catarina, including loading and unloading, access to garages and motorcycle circulation. Works at Bolhão are well underway and the construction site, which was set up in the summer of 2019, enables that traffic circulation is restored, with full security. The bituminous has been placed and the ink is as good as dry, after municipal workers painted all the pedestrian crossings in the asphalt. It was already possible for pedestrians to cross the street at that site section since April 2020.

In turn, Rua de Alexandre Braga is open to public transport circulation, following one-year long works to dig a tunnel to connect to the Bolhão Market. The market is set for comprehensive rehabilitation renewal, of the building itself and surrounding area, and also the construction of a technical basement, where loading and unloading will be carried out, with all the necessary safety and hygiene conditions and without hindering traffic conditions in the vicinity.

These two streets are now reserved for public transport, as featured by the mobility municipal strategy, alongside loading and unloading, access to garages, motorcycle circulation, which will contribute to reduce travel times when entering and exiting the city centre, by adopting the underlying principles of a high performance bus lane.

Individual access from Rua de Sá da Bandeira until Campo 24 de Agosto is still done via Rua de Fernandes Tomás.

Gigantic canvas honours Bolhão traders

Yesterday also marked another milestone regarding the endeavour at Bolhão Market. It was the day that the market’s four corners were totally wrapped by the new gigantic canvas that honours the Bolhão traders, which was set up by Porto City Hall, via GO Porto, the municipal company that manages the undertaking.

This is a message of hope and a reminder that the return to the centennial building is a few months away. The majority of the traders continues their activity at the Temporary Market, just 200 steps within walking distance. New traders are also coming in to the market of Bolhão, with 60 available spots, both inside and outside the facilities.