For the 3rd year running more people are living in Porto: by 2019 the number of new residents had surpassed 1.000 new dwellers

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It is the largest increase in the past three years. From 2018 to 2019, Porto saw a significant increase of 1.009 inhabitants, according to the he national Institute of Statistics. 

These are historic numbers of reference that confirm the sustained growth of the numbers of residents in the city of Porto throughout the past years, contrary to the current tendency of the previous four decades, when the city lost circa 100 thousand inhabitants.

In 2017, Porto had 214.353 residents, in 2018 that number did not decreased and the number of inhabitants has risen by several hundreds, to 214.936 inhabitants. Last year, and this is new data according to Pordata, the Invicta was home to 1000 people more, with the last counting results of the in-dwelling population at 215.945 inhabitants.

With the updated data, last June 2020 and referring to 2019, this figures show the consistent trend in the city of Porto, these past years: the Municipality of Porto managed to attract new residents to the city to figures that are now closer to the ones reported in the beginning of the 1070's.

These are challenging times when it comes to the urban milieu, the rising prices of houses and rent speculation, especially when people cannot match their income to the necessary daily expenses.

The Municipality of Porto is working on policies that help counteract this trend, namely, last year, it had approved real estate tax and municipal real estate sales tax; it has also created new Urban Rehabilitation areas (ARU) and Urban Rehabilitation Operations (ORU), especially in the eastern part of the city.

Recently, Porto City Hall has delivered the first keys under the affordable housing programme in Morro da Sé, which were rehabilitated by the municipal company SRU, and in just a few days, this August, will accommodate the new residents that will pay an affordable rent for these domiciles.

Till 2022, the goal is to provide 1.000 dwellings for affordable housing, especially in the city centre, in the framework of the programme Porto com Sentido.

In addition, the Municipal Master Plan (PDM), which is at the end of the revision phase, established as a priority the promotion of demographic recovery, thus enhancing housing policies, strengthening building rates in certain zones of the city and positively discriminating building affordable housing and creating new economic activity areas.