Focus Displacements at Teatro Campo Alegre

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Municipal Theatre of Porto showcases this weekend, March 3 and 4, the shows by Dorothée Munyaneza, from Rwanda, and Mithkal Alzghair, from Syria, under Focus Displacements main theme.

At a time when it is vital to understand the significance of countries working together for the benefit of others in need, sharing these artworks could affect change.


Through dance and music, Munyaneza and Alzghair represent the powerful feelings and voices of those who don't have a voice. These artists' works are a bridge to perception. And perception is everything. Art, by means of workshops, film, concert and dance performances drive the audience through the shock of war, of violence and exodus, of forced displacement, and of fear of losing one's own identity, culture and community.

This crisis is closer than we think, whether in Europe or America. And hearing and seeing refugees themselves tell their own experiences is the first step to empathize and, just maybe, bridge the "us-them" gap.

These art performances portray powerful and important messages and often times that is just what is needed.

Two performances, workshops, a film cycle and a concert to see at campo Alegre on March 3rd and 4th.

The joint ticket is priced at 12 euros.

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