First essential conversation guide for Ukrainians available online

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Guilherme Costa Oliveira

In the week that marks World Refugee Day (June 20), Porto Editora launched, through Infopedia, an essential conversation guide for Ukrainian-Portuguese and Portuguese-Ukrainian created to ease up a first contact between the speakers of these languages.

It is a book with useful sentences and expressions adapted to the Portuguese social, economic, and institutional reality. The guide is available, free of charge and in continuous update on Infopedia, presenting vocabulary used in school, health services (hospitals and health care centre), social security, SEF, municipalities, security forces, transports, vet services, among others. The sentences appear with an appealing and simple configuration, grouped by categories: transport, health, home, public services, restaurant, education, and quick reference.

Each word, question or expression is properly translated, accessible in both ways and includes the audio voiceover. In this way, the user can communicate more easily, enhancing the inclusion of refugees in the Portuguese society.

The conversation guide is available online.