Feel elevated with “the most secret view” in the Invicta

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It is now possible to climb the Arrábida Bridge cross-section; with the easing of the restrictive health measures, Porto Bridge Climb is resuming visits to "the most secret view in town", following all the safety measures issued by the DGS. A novelty is that the organisation offers discounts to Porto. card holders.

The company decided do grant this discount to Porto. card holders as a way of “thanking those who have continued to climb the bridge arch, since March 2020", in the city.

New adapted safety measures are in place, adjusted to the ongoing pandemic. Climbing all the 262 steps of the Arrábida Bridge will set the stage for a terrific experience and unique view over the river Douro, adding to and adventure that kicked off in 2016.

Book your visit through the Porto Bridge Climb platform via the email or the phone number 929 207 117.

Face masks are mandatory and the organisation will provide alcohol gel used for hand disinfection, nitrile gloves and disposable face masks, for those who do not carry one. There are regular disinfections to the site and equipment after each visit. Electronic payments are recommended.

Porto. card

The Porto. card is free and is directed to all tax residents in the city and also students that rent a home or bedroom in Porto. The Porto. card provides exclusive discounts during your time in the city of Porto.

All residents in Porto can adhere to the Porto. card either online, via the platform and upload all the necessary documents, or in-person, at the Townsman Office (Gabinete do Munícipe), at Porto municipal libraries, at Porto Municipal Theatre - Rivoli and at the municipal pools. The card can be sent to users' address or picked up at one of the suggested municipal services.