FC Porto and James launch campaign for equality

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"There's only one Human race, Many faces, Everybody belongs here". These are the chorus lines of the music "Many Faces", by James. This is a song about equality and it will be sung, for the first time, at the Dragão Stadium, on Friday, 17th January, the day of the game by the teams FC Porto and SC Braga, the 17th round of the National League.

FC Porto, jointly with Saul Davies, guitarist of the British Band James, elaborated a multi-channel campaign, in line with the goals of the sustainable development and also to make young people and future generations aware of the negative consequences of discriminatory actions, which will be shared through the music "Many Faces" - included in the 2018 album "Living in Extraordinary Times".

This initiative is carried out in line with the FC Porto policy to promote the values of inclusion, respect and equality, as the club as always taken on "its responsibility in increasing public awareness for this very important subjects in today's society, such as equality, and fighting any way of social or territorial discrimination", as stated by FC Porto in its official website.

This campaign will be presented at the Dragão Stadium, at the Dragão Arena, and I other places where the team is present.

"For that purpose, a special version of the music was developed, with invited musicians, which will be presented at the Dragão Stadium, on 17th January, together with an exclusive video that will be released on that occasion", the same official website states.

"In modern society there is no place for discrimination. (?) It is up to us, artists and spots people, man and women, to uphold the value of tolerance and promote justice and understanding. I am very proud to stand next to FC Porto in this initiative, which enables uniting a great sports team with a great song, for the benefit of us all. After all, we are all part of the human race and we all belong here", James guitarist Saul Davies concluded.

This Friday, 17th January, "everyone belongs at Dragão Stadium" and is invited to take part of this musical moment that will happen before the opening whistle sounds, scheduled for 7pm. Also, the Dragão Football pitch will host some special guests! Stay tuned!