Fairs and non-food markets to reopen in Porto

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Filipa Brito

In line with the easing of the measures to fight Covid-19, which started on 5th April, fairs and non-food markets are to reopen in Porto, by decision of the Municipality of Porto, to whom the Government delegated decision powers. This measure is effective immediately and it does not include the Feira da Vandoma and the Feira do Cerco.

Porto City Hall considers that the conditions are ready for the reopening of fairs and non-food markets, in line with the epidemiologist criteria and in compliance with the rules issued by the DGS.

The easing of restrictions and the gradual decline of the risk of infection by the new coronavirus, at national level, and especially in the Municipality of Porto, make it possible to reopen fairs and non-food markets. Sellers can go back to the Crafts Fair (in Santo Ildefonso Street), to the Crafts Market of Porto (in Parada Leitão Square), to the Mercadinho da Ribeira (in Cais da Ribeira); the Philately, Numismatic and Collecting Market (in D. João I Square); the Feira dos Passarinhos (in Alameda das Fontainhas); the Antiques and collecting Fair (in Dr. Francisco de Sá Carneiro Square, aka Praça Velasquez), promoted by Porto City Hall.

Regarding urban markets, organised by private entities, the Sensations Market is back, and also the Mercado da Alegria, the Mercado da Terra, the Urban Market, also the Mercadinho dos Clérigos, the Família Sai à Rua, and the Portobelo and the Pink Market as well.

There are two exceptions, however; in order to minimise the impact of contagion, and to protect the population, and based in their specificity, the Feira da Vandoma – dimension and number of visitors - and the Feira do Cerco – it is encompassed in a residential area of large conurbation – remain closed, following the negative assessment by the Municipal Police, the Inspection and Civil Protection.

The Municipality warns that this measure can be extended or altered, in the light of the evolution of the epidemiological situation in the country and in accordance with the measures that may be implemented at national level.