Fair warning: Porto pedestrian areas are sprinkled with fun and sports for the weekend. Only go if you can handle it!

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João Queirós

Porto City Hall, via Ágora - Cultura e Desporto, has organised vibrant getaways in town, this summer, and this 13th September is no exception. The programme includes sports activities, such as fencing, pat cycles, and also street entertainment with visits by clowns, Earth Beings and strange cooks. 

Enjoy a new way to go for the city street in a whole renovated urban space, especially prepared to welcome families, friends, residents and visitors, children and adults alike.

The activities programmed by Ágora are jointly prepared with local resident's associations.

This Sunday, 13th September, brings sports in the morning and traditional games and street theatre in the afternoon.

All activities are access free, but some have limited number of participants, in line with the rules issued by the DGS.


- Avenida de Rodrigues de Freitas

9am-12 noon | Bicycles

Bikers up to ten years can boost their coordination Skills in a path prepared by Patocycles.

10am-12 noon | Skate

Children up to six years old will have to surpass obstacles: kicker, flatbar, curb (enables grinds or slides), pole-jam and manual pad.

11am-1 o'clock | Mini-tennis

Two fields set in the street space, organised by coaches of the Club Sportivo Nun'Álvares, accredited by the Tennis Portuguese federation will raise children's awareness of this modality. 

2pm-7pm | Games of Hélder

A huge board, the kind used in the Game of the Goose features several games and challenges for the entire family. The innovation is the size of the materials and the game is to be played with the feet instead of the hands.

3pm-4pm | Physical Dance with Mary Fonda

The Praça da Alegria Futebol Club opens doors to a dance and movement workshop, a body language class for all ages, delivered by the performer Mariana Amorim.

3pm-7pm | Mascarilhos Workshop

This is also an activity produced by the Praça da Alegria Futebol Club, and it will bring to the urban space the making of masks and puppets under the theme of table soccer figure, delivered by Oficina Arara.

- Av. Rodrigues de Freitas/Rua de Passos Manuel

4pm-7pm | Dr. Kazoobo

The Marimbondo Company brings a skilled couple of doctors, whose mission is to gauge the health of plants and trees all over the city.

- Rua de Passos Manuel

4pm-7pm | Chef Luigi

A juggler cook, wandering the streets, using tools that will take everyone by surprise. Delivered by Quideia Animações.

- Passeio das Virtudes

4pm-7pm | Entes da Terra [aka Beings of the earth, free translation]

A shepherd of plants guides two spirits of the earth by the gardens of the world, calling on everyone's attention to the beauty of what surrounds us, and that we often forget to notice. Delivered by Seistopeia.

All preventive pandemic measures to ensure safe activities are in place.