Exhibition "Questions of Relief" opens Vertical Gallery at Silo Auto building

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As part of the strategy to revitalize Silo Auto, the first exhibition of the Vertical Gallery of the parking lot building managed by PortoLazer opens to the public at 9:00 pm on Friday, December 16.

The Vertical Gallery is thought as a privileged space for temporary interventions of various artistic projects, that spread through the various stair levels of the seven storey building.

Every three months, the gallery will have a new artistic display as viewing art is the best deal one can get when going to a gallery.

The Garcia & Albuquerque architects team have designed the devices that will work as the framework for the various exhibitions that will be held, taking into account the aesthetic singularity of the building. 


Commissioned by architect Luis Albuquerque Pinho and curator Luís Pinto Nunes, "Questions of Relief" is the title of the first exhibition to be held at this Vertical Gallery of Silo Auto. The exhibition will open this Friday, December 16, at 9 pm.

The kick off for this exhibition was an invitation to seven authors to develop their idea of a "modern" garden, in its different configurations, adapted to the context of the 21st century.

The works on display, which take the form of several typologies, emerge from the authors' relationship with space and the garden as a place to enjoy, contemplate or even meditate.

The various art works of this "garden", a kind of a utopian garden at times, are signed by Carlos Azeredo Mesquita, Dayana Lucas, Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, Inês Castanheira, Isabel Carvalho, Pedro Tudela, Ricardo Passport and Teresa Braula Reis. 

The works will be available for the public eye on the seven floors of the building, until March 16, 2017.