European representatives gather in Porto for Social Forum

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Filipa Brito

Porto is the host for the Social Forum, that takes place in Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota, this Friday and Saturday, marking the second anniversary of the Social Summit celebrated during the Portuguese presidency of the European Union (EU).

Besides the European commissioners for Employment and Social Affairs, the Director-General of International Labour Organization, Gilbert Houngbo, and the European commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicholas Schmit will be present. European social partners, ministers of the countries which inclusion is being discussed, namely, of Moldova, as well as the minister for Social Policy of Ukraine, Oksana Zholnovych, will also participate in the forum.

After the chiefs of Government and of State in the EU committed to the goals for 2030, with an employment rate of 78%, at least 60% of adults who attend training courses every year, and also a reduction of the number of people in risk of social exclusion or poverty in at least 15 million people, including five million children, the goal, in this forum, is to get to know the current situation of the 27 countries.

Defined by the Portuguese presidency as the highlight of the semester, the Social Summit focused mainly on the action of the European Pillar of Social Rights, presented by the European Commission months before. The fourth Portuguese presidency of the EU happened between January 1st and June 30th 2021.

Jardins do Palácio will be closed

In virtue of the execution of this European forum, the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal will be closed to public on Friday night and reopen on Saturday, May 27th, at 7pm.