Electric scooters are set to go and ride through Porto, starting 1st June

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As of this morning, electric scooters are set and ready to ride through Porto. The Smart Mobility Technology came into force today. Users can download the apps through the AppStore or Google Play, and start using "Bird - be free, enjoy the ride", "Circ - enjoy the ride" and "Hive - scooters and bikes", the operators that were granted the licences to share riding scooters and bicycles on Porto public roads, starting March 2020. 

There is vertical signposting, so that users know where to pick up scooters and bicycles and, at the end of their trips, also know where to park them", as stated by the Municipality.

Also, there is a curfew for scooters and bicycles, as the vehicles are disabled between 10pm and 6am.

This transportation system will boost the use of shared transportation programmes, which are an excellent alternative to the automobile when it comes to short distance travels, and an optimal complement to public transportation. Allotment areas will be indicated in the Porto City Hall website, where the interactive map, which will be constantly updated, will be made available.

Porto City Hall is pioneer regarding smart mobility in the city, as it prepares the regulation of shared transportation programmes, namely dockless bicycles and scooters that are deployed in the public right-of-way for use by members, customers, or the general public.

Accessibility and liveability of cities are key values for both citizens and road authorities. Hence, Porto is betting on Smart Mobility technology in order to offer citizens new possibilities and applications regarding mobility, all the while reducing CO2 emissions.