Eco art finds its way through Ai Weiwei’s installation at the Serralves Park

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The exhibition themed 'Intertwine', by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei features was specifically conceived to be on display at the Serralves Park and at the Museum‘s central room. It raises awareness on the dangers of extinction and will be on show from 23 July 2021 to 9 July 2022.

The installation is no less than a 30 metre high tree that weighs 300 tonnes, and it is a native tree of Brazil. It is a Pequi Tree, which Ai Weiwei transplanted to plasters and metallic moulds to transform into a monument. The entire mould was split into bits and moved to china, where it was fused and welded. It stands as a tribute to trees and the real danger of extinction.

The visual artist was a regular at walking among trees and green saves with his father. That sentiment kept within his being and conveys that into his arts forms, which include photography, sculpture, architecture, public art and performance besides installations.

The exhibition is curated Philippe Vergne and Paula Fernandes, and relies on the support by the artist’s studio, the Lisson Gallery, in London, and the neugerriemschneider, in Berlin.

The installation is part of “a body of work that shows both the interest and the concern by Ai Weiwei with the environment, especially with the deforestation of the Brazilian Atlantic woodlands", the Serralves website reads.