EasyJet reinforces routes and number of planes at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport

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Miguel Nogueira

EasyJet announced on Thursday that it will invest in Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, with more planes, the creation of three new routes and the recovery of two others. This investment will boost capacity by 350 thousand seats and create 70 direct jobs.

The airline will now have six planes parked at the airport, also opening three new routes: Porto Santo, Madrid and Cologne. The first (to Porto Santo) will be available from May the 1st until the end of October, with two flights per week, while the route to Cologne will operate twice a week and the connection to Madrid will have five weekly flights, throughout the year, with both connections being available at the beginning of April. With a strategy for next Summer in mind, the company also announced the reactivation of the routes to Ibiza and Mallorca.

In addition to the 15 planes based in the country, EasyJet has an additional capacity of 16 non-based aircrafts (of these, four in Porto).

With this reinforcement, the airline also increases employment to more than 520 people, 214 of whom are based in Porto, as José Lopes, the company’s general director for Portugal, highlighted at a press conference.

Celebrating the transportation of 14 million passengers to Sá Carneiro Airport, where it has operated since 2007, the airline has seen a 9% growth in the last seven months, compared to the pre-pandemic period, thus consolidating its position as the second airline to operate in Porto, where it opened a base in 2015 and, currently has 23 connections to European airports in eight countries.