Double Trouble this week at Porto Municipal Theatre

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Susana Chiocca

Porto Municipal Theatre discloses new ways of interacting with audiences. This is Double Trouble time and the first edition happens on 26th and 27th November, at Campo Alegre.

The first “Double Trouble” features two shows that present ideas and views on the link between sexuality and power, i.e., policies connected to the body.

Susana Chiocca reveals her aesthetic hybridity with "Bitcho", on 26th November, at 7.30pm and on 27th November, at 6pm, an “immersive presentation where digital is combined with rawness of means”.

Xana Novais, in turn, features “Como matar mulheres nuas", on 26th November, at 5.30pm. This is an artist-talk, whose researching period begun in 2017, which favours the relationship between the artistic object and the audience, as well as the ability that audiences demonstrate when it comes to tolerating certain attitudes and behaviours, not only socially but individually.

“Cutlass Spring” by Canadian artist Dana Michel has been cancelled.

The second edition of Double Trouble is scheduled for March 2021 and will feature projects by Kate Mcintosh (New Zealand), Ingri Fiksdal (Norway), Flávio Rodrigues (Portugal), Renata Portas (Portugal) and Tales Frey (Brazil).

Besides the shows there will be a session themed "Aquecimento Paralelo”, delivered Joana von Mayer Trindade, and a talk after the show with the artists, on 27th November, at 8.45pm, guided by Ana Rocha.

For further information see the Teatro Municipal do Porto webpage.