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Discover Porto’s landmarks with the virtual tours by Porto Innovation Hub

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Filipa Brito

In-person visits and social gathering may be cancelled for the coming month or so, but getting free tours in the city of Porto aren’t. Porto Innovation Hub promotes the initiative “Inovação Fora de Portas – Engenharia Civil à Mostra” [aka, “Innovation across the city – Civil Engineering Display”, free translation), which are held in a digital format, on a monthly basis. The tours are free.

What you need on your radar is the full programme that PiH prepared for the coming weeks, the first one kicking off on 24th February, to visit the cable car in Gaia - Teleférico de Gaia. The author of the architect project, Francisco Vieira Campos, the responsible for the equipment structure, Miguel Guimarães, and the councillor of the Municipality of Gaia, José Guilherme Aguiar.

The tours are set to display innovation and engineering as a winning pair throughout the city, which is filled with innovative and world renowned infrastructure.

Previous editions gathered circa 1.500 participants. This edition features not only guided tours by its authors but also talks with experts about the works.

Also in the agenda are a tour to the Bolhão Market project, by architect Nuno Valentim, or a tour to the central park of Asprela, the Terminal Intermodal in Campanhã, whose construction works are ongoing. The agenda includes conferences on the bridges between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

All lectures include the screening of a documental video, and the Sebentas d’Obra edition on the technical issues of each work is to be provided.

This initiative is jointly organised by Porto Innovation Hub, the Engineering Department of FEUP, the Rectory of the University of Porto and Gaiurb, with the support of the Bar of Engineers, the Ordem dos Engenheiros - Região Norte and the Ordem dos Arquitetos.

Consult further information, agenda and free applications at the Porto Innovation Hub website.