DDD Festival is back “On Stage/At Home” and spotlights dance and national artists

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The DDD – Days of Dance Festival 2021 kick starts on 20th April, with a full agenda of 22 performances, out of which 16 are world premieres or national productions, and out of the 11 coproduction, six are from the Northern Region. “The focus is on national artists” and to them Mayor Rui Moreira expressed words of thanks and gratitude “for the tremendous spirit of resistance, resilience and adaptability”.

The fifth edition of the DDD, which spotlights dance between the digital and the in-person format, was presented this morning at a press conference held by videoconference from Porto Municipal Theatre – Rivoli.

"Cancelling the DDD edition last year was hard. First and foremost, it left a profound mark on both artists and companies”, Mayor of Porto stated. This is why, “regardless of the constraints and the existing challenges and still with the necessary adaptations – DDD had to happen this year”, Rui Moreira announced.

Thus, between 20th and 30th April, the DDD – No Palco / Em Casa [On Stage/At Home”, free translation] is back, in an online format and also to the main concert halls in Porto, Gaia, Matosinhos and, for the first time, in Viana do Castelo, an edition that is held under the patronage of BPI and the Foundation “la Caixa”.

As Rui Moreira stated, it was possible to maintain the vast majority of the projects, except the training programme and several international projects, which take to the online format, or the projects developed with the nonprofessional community.

"In person, we were able to ensure the presentation, with audiences, of nine shows [also streamed online] and an exhibition by national artists", Rui Moreira clarified, adding that “this edition was reinvest in record time”.

The press conferences was streamed from the Rivoli, where Rui Moreira shared the stage withthe Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, the councillor for Culture of Gaia City Hall, Paula Carvalhal, as well as with Ana Feijó Cunha, representative of the BPI/Fundação “La Caixa”, and with Tiago Guedes, artistic director of Porto Municipal Theatre.

Tickets range from 3, 50 euros (online shows) and 9 euros (in-person shows). There is also the “Passe DDD”, which includes 50% discount on the total price of the in-person shows, when buying, at least, tickets for six shows (in-person or online, and the online shows do not offer discounts). This general ticket is available for purchase exclusively at the ticket office of Porto Municipal Theatre, starting on 19th April.

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