Cycle track between Campo Alegre and Asprela concluded on 2nd November

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The bicycle path between the university poles of Campo Alegre and Asprela concluded on 2nd November, with the implementation of the cycle track between Rua de Teodoro de Sousa Maldonado and Rua do Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida. 

As of 2nd November, the 8km cycle track runs through several streets, and "in all those thoroughfares, the Municipality of Porto sought the best way to adapt the cycle track to the pre-existing public space transit areas, either by merging the car traffic lanes or by segregating the cycle routes", as explained by the Municipality, while furthering some traffic alterations. On 2nd November, the Rua de Monsanto street (close by the Jardim da Arca D'Água), which is included in the cycle track, alters its traffic flow.

The Municipal Network for Bicycles and other soft transport modes will add to 50 km as regards cycle tracks.

In the same street layout, between the Rua de 9 de Abril and Rua de Sousa Pinto, and in the section that links the Rua de Silva Porto to the Rua de 9 de Abril, a two-way cycle track is implemented, and it will be separated from traffic routes. The same applies to the Rua de Leonardo Coimbra, Praça do Exército Libertado and Rua dos Castelos.

Concurrently, the Rua de Monsanto will have a school area, following the "kiss & ride" system, next to the Elementary School and the Kindergarten of Caramila, with the purpose of promoting better traffic flow, increase student's accessibility and safety, by avoiding second-row halts of vehicles during clock-in and clock-out time for students.

This cycle rack between the two university campuses is one of the three north-south connections that will be implemented in the Municipality of Porto, namely the Porto Historic Centre and Ribeira, and the Atlantic Front and the riverside area of Porto to the main intermodal poles - stations and public transport terminals.

It is worth highlighting that the Municipality of Porto has advanced already the extension woks regarding the cycle path of Avenida da Boavista till the Avenida do Dr. Antunes Guimarães.