Crowded Rivoli to listen to Dominique Wolton at the Forum of the Future

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Rivoli was crowded again yesterday, in the late afternoon session of the Forum of the Future, to listen to Dominique Wolton, founder and director of the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris and Hermes magazine.

Dominique Wolton spoke on "The challenge of peace and war in the 21st century". The problem of communication has radically changed since the world became a global village linked to everything and accessible to all. The debate was moderated by critic and programmer Tiago Bartolomeu Costa.

The evening session had Ali Smith participating via skype who, due to illness, could not attend in person. Ali Smith is the author of "How to Be Both," a novel of ideas and winner of Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction, the Goldsmiths Prize and the Costa Novel Awards. The debate, under the theme "Both, Preferably," was moderated by writer Richard Zimler.

The Forum of the Future continues today with a series of sessions. The first is scheduled for 4 p.m. at the Manoel de Oliveira Grand Auditorium and will be attended by the London collective Assemble, made up of 18 architects and designers - represented in the Forum by one of its founders, Anthony Engi Meacock - and André Jaque, Founder of the Office for Political Innovation, a studio based in Madrid and New York, winner of the Silver Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2014. The debate will be moderated by Mariana Pestana, architect and curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

At 7 p.m., in the Isabel Alves Costa Auditorium, Teddy Goitom, a documentaries producer and director, will talk about "Afripedia: from the ghetto to the global village". Afripedia is a digital platform for collaboration and liaison among artists, editors, curators and other creatives, working within and outside Africa. The debate will be moderated by José Capela and Vânia Rodrigues, from Malavoadora.

At Casa da Música, at 7 p.m., "Dangerous Links" will be debated with Luca Francesconi, founder of Agon Acustica Informatica Musica, a center for research and musical production using new technologies and with a particular interest in electroacoustic exploration and Paulo Tunhas who teaches Modern Philosophy and directs the doctoral seminar "the thought and its objects" in the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto. The debate will be moderated by Pascal Huynh of the Phillarmonie de Paris.             

The evening session, at 9 p.m., again at the Grande Auditorium Manoel de Oliveira, will present Ron Arad as main guest who will talk about "Design for Living". Ron Arad (1951, Israel) is a creator whose work is evidenced by the surprising bridges he establishes between different disciplines. He will explain the how and why to Pedro Gadanho, Director of the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), also discussing how design contributes to connecting ourselves to the world and to others. 

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