“Coração Verde” certification allowed the selective collection of 600 tons of waste in 2022

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The “Coração Verde” initiative certified, in 2022, another 30 new entities, which allowed to reach 600 tons of selective collection.

Promoted by Lipor and the municipal company Porto Ambiente, the initiative aims to support public and private institutions and restaurants in the city in the optimization of their environmental management processes.

In the Municipality of Porto alone there are already more than 60 organizations certified with the “Coração Verde” and about 240 in the geographical area of Lipor. The daily work of these organizations, in terms of integrated environmental intervention, prevention of waste production, through the promotion of recycling and complementary areas such as biodiversity or climate change, compete for the creation of a circular community that bets on a more sustainable future.

To achieve these results and dynamics of action, highlight the partnership work between the various stakeholders and the permanent support of Porto Ambiente and Lipor, through the installation of more than two thousand containers, a decisive factor for the mobilization of about 15 thousand people committed to the correct re-routing of waste.

The "Coração Verde" initiative pursues the objectives of the Porto Climate Pact, coordinated by Porto Ambiente. These institutions, which are part of the more than 200 subscribing organizations, are strongly committed to the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality in the city by 2030.

The "Coração Verde" certification is an instrument for the recognition of environmental sustainability practices, created by Lipor and the associated municipalities in 2014, in an informal appreciation of the commitment of partners in the area of the environment and, in particular, in sustainable waste management.