Confinement food ingredients or how to avoid food waste during the pandemic

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Filipa Brito

The pandemic has shown the positive result of people realising how much food was being wasted; and households can keep this mindset in the future. With the mandatory lockdown in the country, effective as of 15th January, more people are due to cook their meals at home; as such, the team of the Environmental Department of Porto City Hall has come up with best suggestions on how to plan meals and shopping and also reuse leftovers, all the while saving money.

The new episode of the series “Atelier da boa vida”, organised by the Environmental Department of Porto City Hall offers cues on “end waste” in our daily routine, raising awareness on how to reduce food waste and the best techniques to do so, by adopting simple and feasible attitudes and behaviours. And, the best thing is that we can also save money, as well!

One of such tips by the Porto Environmental team is to buy more food in bulk or in small containers, as to avoid big quantities of food from deteriorating fast, or even be aware of the “best before” dates, which is an indicator of the freshness limit.

Moreover, one can plan meals ahead, be creative with leftovers and reinvent dishes and always go to the supermarket with a prepared list.

The video prepared by the Environment team at Porto City Hall cues you on this type of information.