“Confiança Porto” municipal programme supports tourist accommodation managers

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Filipa Brito

The municipal programme “Confiança Porto” aims to help owners and managers of tourist accommodations to overcome difficulties related to the paradigm shift in the tourism sector and stimulate the renewable economy/paradigm.

Training sessions provided by the Municipality of Porto main goals are adapt to the changing needs of tourists after COVID-19 and boost Porto as a world reference destination. Online sessions start next week and although the first sessions are full, the Municipality of Porto will soon announce new dates for further sessions. Each training session includes four modules of theoretical and practical training. Applicants should refer to the Portal do Munícipe for further information.

The “Confiança Porto” training is free and encompasses areas such as management requirements, hospitality, cleaning service, equipment and infrastructure, maintenance and environment, safety and surroundings. Following the training sessions, tourist accommodation managers and owners who seek the “Confiança Porto” validation should request a technical visit to verify/validate the implementation of the systems to certify.

This programme was presented last February to help rethink business strategies, reinvent offer and redirect the sector.