Clérigos number of visitors spikes to new record in 2018

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Filipa Brito e João Queirós

The Clérigos architectural complex, comprising the Tower, Museum and Church, has reached a record number of visitors, with 1.300.000 people visiting the site.

The Clérigos has installed motion sensors at the entrance to the building since the beginning of 2018.

Around one million and three hundred people, visitors and holyday makers, stopped at this venue in the city of Porto, which has led to record-breaking visits to Clérigos.

"This is not surprising at all as we had witnessed a large number of people entering the church", explained the Clérigos Executive Director, Luís Pedro Martins to Lusa Agency.

Already in 2017, the Clérigos Tower had registered 665.785 thousand entrances, including 80 per cent foreign visitors, 7 per cent more than in 2016 due to free entrances on Lenten season and on Valentine's Day.

This Friday, 21 December, the Clérigos Church hosts the Christmas Concert by the Aeternus Cantabile Choir from ESMAE, the Superior College of Music and Arts of Porto and the Saxophone Quartet. The concert is scheduled to start at 9.30 pm and it is entrance free.

Also, on 21 December, there will be a guided tour to the Clérigos' iconography regarding Christmas. Save the date for this "Xmas special". Registrations are required.

Bear in mind that the Clérigos Tower is open to nocturnal visits till 30 December, except for 24 and 25 December. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy Porto by night, savouring the Xmas ambiance.