City tells new stories for a (increasingly) better tourism. “Yours Truly, Porto”

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“At Porto City Hall, we are fully aligned with the concept of building a better future”. It was with this moto, that the councillor for Tourism and Internationalization gave, first hand, during the international meeting BOOST - Building Better Tourism at Casa da Música, the news of the launch of “Yours Truly, Porto” , the map that will show the world new stories for a vision towards the sustainable future of the destination.

According to Catarina Santos Cunha, “the key word is ´better´”. “Tourism cannot be seen as a threat. It is an opportunity for economic, social, and cultural growth”, says the councillor, sure that this path is made by “building better tourism”.

And that, she believes, is made with a long-term vision. In other words, with "Yours Truly, Porto", “a macro plan, already on the move, which involves a wide ecosystem of partners who help us think and build a new positioning for the city”.

A believer in a tourism with a purpose, Catarina Santos Cunha emphasizes that Porto wants to be “a city with arms wide open and a vibrant heart”. It is for this city, “truly cohesive, truly diverse and truly balanced”, that the new map has already brought together more than two dozen active initiatives.

The councillor explains: “Truly cohesive to engage a wide network of entities that are part of the experience and promotion of the destination. Truly diverse to expand opportunities, diversifying the city’s stories, offerings, and goals, and truly balanced to address the needs and wishes of residents, visitors, investors, in a continuous, positive, and sustainable cycle”.

Open channel to opinions, contributions, and projects

The new document, in addition to guiding the strategies, challenges and main trends in the city’s tourism sector, will guide everyone who visit Porto through “territorial and interesting quarters”, also contributing to relieving pressure in areas like the Historic Centre. Examples include the “Quarteirão das Artes”, in Miguel Bombarda, the alleys in Foz Velha or the Campo Alegre area.

The Municipality’s goal is to offer “new arguments to attract tourism and investment towards the sustainable development of each quarter, diversifying overnight stays, tours and touristic spots, cultural and leisure centres”.

To this end, it invites all interested parties to become an active part of this vision, opening a channel for sharing opinions, contributions, or projects to be integrated into this common vision.

“2023 was extraordinary, but what is before us is the future”

At the opening of BOOST, organized by NEST – Tourism Innovation Centre, the president of Turismo de Portugal recalled that last year was “extraordinary”, but “what is before us is the future”. “We must innovate, create more efficient value propositions and generate wealth to be distributed fairly”, considers Carlos Abade.

Ahead of the launch of the first marketplace in a tourism region, the also president of the Associação de Turismo do Porto reinforced the importance of networking which “in this sector has made the difference”.