City hosts a forum dedicated to liberal professions

  • Porto.

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Miguel Nogueira

Scheduled for the World Day of Liberal Professions, the 1st Liberal Professional Forum will take place on September 23rd, in the Auditório da Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett.

In partnership with Porto City Hall, the forum was organised by the Associação Nacional dos Profissionais Liberais (ANPL), institution based in Porto and created two years ago. The association explains that the event aims to constitute a moment of showing accountability to the professionals it represents, to present the activities and projects to its representatives in a European and world scale, and to its social and institutional partners.

Themes such as the Representativity of Liberal Professionals in Portugal, the Status of the Liberal Professional, the Exercise of Liberal Professions in Europe and the World, the Consumer’s Interest, and the Future of Liberal Professions, amongst others, will be debated in various multidisciplinary panels.

The forum will be attended by representatives of the European Council of the Liberal Professions, CEPLIS of which ANPL is a part of, by the Unión Profesional of Spain, and by the Confederação Brasileira de Profissões Liberais.

More information on the initiative can be found here.