Cinema Batalha presents a new screen and glasses to peek inside the work

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The Cinema Batalha presents itself with a new face, through the giant screen that covers the facade with a double function: to communicate the stage in which the rehabilitation work is and to protect those who passes through the dust that the intervention originates.

The visible message began with “here will grow a new Cinema Batalha!”, went on to “to return the spotlight to Cinema Batalha!” and now communicates “Culture returns home”.

This project is assumed by GO Porto – a municipal Management and Works company as a pilot project for the company's latest communication news in the context of its works. The main goal is to keep the citizens informed and aware of the progress of the work.

In addition to the new message on the giant screen, glasses were placed directly on the siding, at two different heights, to satisfy the curiosity of passers-by who, thus, can peek inside the work. In addition to this element, the “menhir” is also debuted with work information, a structure with a concrete base and a double-sided plate where the different communication needs can be applied. Currently, this support has useful information such as the telephone line dedicated to the contract and QR code for the area of the site with more detailed information.

For Cátia Meirinhos, vice-president of the Board of Directors of GO Porto, "communicating an endeavour is a constant challenge and each one requires specific care and solutions. We do not lose sight of the goal of the Municipality to always seek to improve our communication with the city and the case of Cinema Batalha shows this. People should know what we are preparing and reinventing this communication is the least we can do to seek to compensate for the disorders that are inevitably created.”

For the near future, new developments are also foreseen in terms of uniform directional signage for public works and new screens to accommodate the shipyard areas.

Cinema Batalha had already been a pioneer in GO Porto's communication strategy, making its siding an information vehicle, making known the history of this emblematic heritage of the city. In addition, the project has the availability of a project model, so that everyone can know the one that will be the final result of the intervention.