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Chapel roof repair works at the Agramonte Cemetery have commenced

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Filipa Brito

Porto City Hall commenced the rehabilitation works of the vaulted ceiling of the chapel at the Agramonte Cemetery, an endeavour that comprises the replacement of the building roof, with the deployment of a waterproof canvas, and the repair of the metallic coating sealing as well, at the bureau higher floor. 

The water supply network will be verified (North side), and waterproof roofing is to be strengthened, as well, over the sacristy and the symmetrical structure.
This endeavour is ensured by the municipal company Gestão e Obras do Porto - GO Porto, and it is estimated to be concluded by the end of January 2021. This project by architect Perry Azevedo, represents an investment of circa 55 thousand euros. 

Restoring historical buildings require extra care and attention to detail, as not to endanger the original features and materials. And this is an important enterprise as it is our link to the past and bygone eras.

Any information on this work can be obtained through the website GO Porto, or the phone lines 228 339 303.