BUS (STCP) adjusts service offer starting 22nd March

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Miguel Nogueira

STCP bus fleet in Porto will adjust its service offer as of this Monday, 22nd March, to accommodate the increase in demand, as pre-school, kindergarten and elementary schools are open, as are some commercial activities, following the government’s phased easing of restrictions. Weekend Bus services run under the “Contingency Timetable” and Historic tram service will remain suspended until 5th April.

The objective is that Bus services meet the predictable increase in demand and ensure passengers a safe transport, by respecting the 2/3 maximum capacity rule allowed per vehicle, as stated by the company. This means that lines 1M (Avenida dos Aliados - Matosinhos Praia) and 11M (Hospital S. João - Coimbrões), of the early morning network will resume operations, and line 907 (Boavista - Vila D’Este) will keep its offer under the “Regular Timetable”.

On weekends, the “Contingency timetable” will remain in place, as the restriction measures are still in force, namely the movement ban between municipalities. As regards historic trams, lines 1, 18 and 22 will remain suspended until 5th April.

In the past few months, the transport operator STCP has conducted continuous monitoring to its services to ensure passengers’ needs are met, within the Emergency State and according to the means available. Also, due to demand level variations, services may be adjusted and changes will be announced by the company, in a timely manner.

For further information, please see the STCP website or contact the services via the email

STCP travels through Rua Formosa again

Today, public transport circulates Rua Formosa, and the Bus lines will include Formosa street in its routes, following the opening of the street on 19th March. Formosa and Alexandre Braga streets are open to public transport circulation following one-year long works to dig a tunnel to connect to the Bolhão Market.

STCP informs that: “the circulation of lines 301-305-801-7M-8M, direction Porto-suburb, resumes its normal route via Rua Formosa, with all bus stops reactivated, nearby Rua de Santa Catarina (SCAT1) and Largo do Padrão (PDR)".

In turn, lines 401-700-800-V94 maintain departure from Bolhão at Rua Firmeza (BLRB4), and have an additional stop at Rua de Sá da Bandeira (MCBL3), downward direction, opposite to Mercado do Bolhão, and continue the route via Rua Formosa (Stops identified as SCAT1 and PDR).

The opposite direction, regarding the travels destined to Bolhão, an additional stop was organised at Rua de Sá da Bandeira. Thus, following the stop of Bolhão Metro (BLM), the stop Bolhão Firmeza (BLFZ1), upward direction of Rua de Sá da Bandeira, will be the last stops regarding these lines.