Bright summer special in Serralves

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The dream of an “ambitious visual and sensory experiment that transports the visitor to different perceptions between the real and the imaginary” is a dream come true with the 24 installations that illuminate the three kilometres in Serralves. This is the “Serralves em Luz” project to refresh and recharge body and soul, starting on 29 July and going until 17 October.

Appreciating this open air exhibition at the Serralves Foundation is enjoying a “magical atmosphere, with astonishing new perspectives around this remarkable natural and architectural heritage". The materials used to create the installation are LED, halogen, hmi, and laser or video that involve colour, sound and visual effects.

“The lighting installtion transforms the space in immersive environments that transport us to the different seasons of the year, which enable the connection with diverse natural elements in the Park – like water or vegetation – and lead us to experience, in a unique way, nature’s luminous manifestations, such as the sun, the moon, the reflexes, the rainbow, and the aurora borealis”, as explained by the Serralves Foundation.

The drawing of light is created by Nuno Maya, co-founder and artistic director of LUMINA Festival da Luz, which the British newspaper The Guardian considered among the “Top 10 European Light Festivals". This festival is also in charge of the Porto Legends, at the Porto Customs.

The “Serralves em Luz” features, as well, guided tours and photography workshops, “which complement and enhance the perception of different dimensions, namely light, nature, art and architecture”.

Tickets cost 12.5 or 10.5 euros, for children aged between 4 and 11 years, students, senior citizens or people with reduced mobility.