Bolhão Temporary Market adjusts business hours

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Miguel Nogueira

Buying groceries at Bolhão Temporary Market is still ensured, amid the hardening of the pandemic preventive measures, although business hours have been adjusted, as of 26th January.

Customers are able to buy essential groceries and goods, from Monday to Saturday, between 8 am and 4 pm. These will be the working hours as long as the state of emergency, issued by the President of the Republic, remain in place; this measure also includes any extension of this State of Emergency.

As before, all sanitation and other health measures, as issued by the health authorities are in place, at the Bolhão Temporary Market, where customers are sure to find the best fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fresh fish and sea food. When in the market, which also allows for 250 people buying at the same time, it is mandatory to wear face masks and comply with physical distancing. The premises also provide sanitation stations, scattered through the place, for disinfection purposes.

Also available and for customer’s Comfort, the La Vie Shopping Centre has a free parking lot that grants direct access to the market.

People with disabilities, people aged 65 and over, pregnant ladies, people accompanying small children, health professionals, elements within the police and rescue, protection and social support services have preferred customer assistance at the Bolhão Temporary Market.