Bolhão, Batalha and Parque da Asprela mark the city's sustainability in 2022

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Miguel Nogueira

The reopening of the Mercado do Bolhão (Bolhão Market) and Cinema Batalha and the new Parque Central da Asprela marked the year 2022 in Porto. The conclusions of the Sustainable Development Report show that the city is above the national average in 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with emphasis on reducing inequalities, sustainable cities and communities and sustainable production and consumption.

The three projects represent the priorities put into practice in Porto: economic and employment activity, a dynamic culture and the sustainability of the territory and its people. The start of the Porto Climate Pact and the inauguration of the Terminal Intermodal de Campanha (TIC), which allowed the reduction of 700 tons of CO2, join last year's list of significant milestones.

Internally, the Sustainable Development Report highlights the Municipality's performance in integrating more than 1,400 workers as a result of the transfer of skills in Education and the growth, by 25%, of green public procurement. In addition, 87% of the amount contracted by the Porto City Council was based on ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria.

As the Environment is one of the areas of greatest focus of the Municipality, 2022 is also marked by exceeding the recycling targets – 80 kg per inhabitant.

In 2022, the Porto com Sentido program had allocated 190 homes with rents about 20% lower than the market and a support of up to 50% of the rent. In terms of investment, InvestPorto managed to raise 600 million euros and "Porto Leading Investors" supported 24 companies.

Regarding community dynamics, we highlight the "Somos Todos Ucrânia" (We are All Ukraine) initiative, which allowed 621 donations of goods and the reception of about a hundred refugees; for the Cartão Porto. and for the Health Literacy Program, with an impact on 7,500 people.

It is recalled that Porto is the only municipality in Portugal to publish an annual sustainability and non-financial report, consecutively. Showing a "photograph" of the Municipality's daily activity and its response to the most relevant topics, it counted this year with the broadening of the involvement of stakeholders from the municipal ecosystem, but also external ones.

The objective is to provide a vision of the contribution of this ecosystem to the sustainable development of Porto, as well as to create value for the citizens and everyone who works, invests, studies, and visits the city.

In this sixth year, the Sustainable Development Report includes the consolidation of non-financial reporting with STCP, after the intermunicipalization process of the transport company.