Bienal’21 Fotografia do Porto open call for creation and exhibition grant

Filipa Brito

The 2020/2021 Bienal Fotografia do Porto open call brings a novelty: “Cidades na Cidade” [“Cities in the City”, free translation] is the motto of the programme that challenges artists from Spain and Portugal to develop photo projects on urban community initiatives in the field of ecological and social justice. Applications are free and run until 30th November. The grant is woth 2200 euros.

The Bienal’21 Fotografia do Porto, organised and produced by the Ci.CLO Pltaform, in partnership with PHotoEspana and the support of BPI and the “La Caixa” Foundation, the Iberian programme «Cidades na Cidade», targeted at developing photo projects on urban community programmes in ecological and social justice.

The Biennial’s open call launches a reflexion accelerated growth and population concentration in urban areas, its consequences as regards social and ecological injustices. The goal is to come across response projects to those challenges that are triggering cultural changes.

Applications to the programme are free and the aim is to select two winners: an artist or collective, Portuguese or foreigner, one residing in Portugal and the other in Spain.

Each artists or collective will be granted a Creation Grant, with the support of BPI and the Foundation “la Caixa”, which will include a monetary prize of two thousand and two hundred euros to support the development of the artistic project. This includes a workshop and technical guidance, logistics regarding production and the installation of the necessary materials, as well as an exhibit in the Biennal and accommodation.

This collaborative project will involve linkage with two curators and other invited experts. The final result is an exhibition at the São Bento Metro Station, in Porto, between 14 May and 27 June 2021.

The jury is made up by Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro, artists, researcher and University Teacher; Maria Villela, in charge of the PHotoESPAÑA exhibitions and Virgílio Ferreira, artistic director of Ci.CLO and Bienal Fotografia do Porto. Both Maria Villela and Virgílio Ferreira will deliver curatorial assistance.

Applications, available HERE, are open till 30th November, and results will be announced on 14th December.

For more information:

Edite Alexandre
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Joana Martinheira
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