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Awareness-raising activities for Porto municipal public schools non-teaching staff kicked-off today

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A set of awareness raising actions regarding the return to the new normal, under the current pandemic kicked off today, 20th May, at the Porto Fire Brigade (BSB), targeted at Porto municipal public schools non-teaching staff.

Mayor Rui Moreira and his team welcomed everyone at this first awareness raising session, whose goal is to share safety procedures regarding the return to schools.

Rui Moreira stated that "confining was easy. It is more difficult to return to the new normal".

The pavilion at the Porto Fire Brigade was all set, according to the new social distancing rules, where councillor for Education, Fernando Paulo welcomed dozens of non-teaching staff from the schools of Aurélia de Sousa, Cerco do Porto, Alexandre Herculano and António Nobre.

Fernando Paulo thanked the staff and workers involved in the current pandemic, and also thanked Mayor Rui Moreira for his role in the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic, namely the adoption of certain measures.

Mayor Rui Moreira also stated that "concern is good because it allows us to take the right options, yet, we cannot let that valid concern prevent us to go back to normal"; "that is why it is important to know what good practices are, at the moment, as we prepare the return to work. We do not want heroes, we want brave people".

Mayor Rui Moreira also thanked the role of Porto Fire fighters in the fight to the new coronavirus.

Also present during this session were councillor for Human Resources, Catarina Araújo, councillor for Civil Protection, Cristina Pimentel, the Fire Fighters Commander, Carlos Saraiva Marques, and the health delegate of ACES Porto Oriental, Eduarda Ferreira.

All non-teaching staff will be handed a kit of reusable masks and surgical masks, by the Municipality, which will be renewed according to need.

During the day, other schools will be delivered the same raising awareness session.