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Dom Carlos I Avenue halted today and tomorrow due to severe weather conditions

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Miguel Nogueira

Worsening of weather conditions, starting this Friday, 29th January, halts car traffic at Av. Dom Carlos I, in the seafront. Traffic is prohibited starting at 10 pm. Restriction to circulations is to be lifted as soon as weather conditions permit. The situation is re-assed on 30th January.

According to the Meteorological and Geophysics Institute (IPMA) forecast, it is expected that squalls of 75 km/h might occur, between 10 pm today, 29th January and extending until early hours on Sunday, 31st January. The latest weather forecast warns on sea disturbance and heavy precipitations.

The Municipal Civil Protection recommends that the population take the necessary precautions, with special focus on circulation, stay and parking near coastal areas. In addition, patio equipment, scaffolds, advertising flags and other hanging structures need to be reinforced or removed. The unclogging of water draining ways is also advised, as well as driving with caution due to slippery roads, water tables and flash floods.

Porto City Hall is permanently monitoring these weather forecasts, via its department of Transports, Inspection and Civil Protection, as well as implementing the necessary preventive safety measures and disseminating all the necessary warnings to the population.

Please contact 112 or the Porto Firefighter Battalion, via phone number 225 073 700, in case of emergency.