Asprela Green Park in Porto closer to increase community quality of life

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Porto City Hall Executive has approved the Consortium that will carry out the tree planting project in the Asprela Green Park, where over 600 trees should be planted this year.

This project is developed by the University of Porto, owner of the land where the park is to be built, the Porto Polytechnic, as several schools are located in that area, and Municipal Company Águas do Porto.

Porto City Hall is in charge of the project, and "reports to the Environmental Fund on any legal, technical, and administrative purposes", as stated by the approved proposal.

The Green Park project should be completed by 2020. The works include stream flow regulation, establishment of water storage basins and the creation of a dam, footbridges, and bike paths adapted to the individual needs of disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility, in a total area of 60 thousand square meters.

The overall investment of the works is 1, 9 million euros, of which one million is funded by the Environmental Fund and the remainder is allocated by the University of Porto, Porto Polytechnic and by the Municipal Company Águas do Porto, which will also manage the follow-up of the work.