Art and Spot Gallery in Porto displays wit caricature virtual exhibition on Picasso

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The Art and Spot Gallery, in Porto, at Alameda Shop & Spot offers regular exhibitions on caricatures and cartoon artwork on renowned personalities. The art spot offers wit caricatures of Picasso, famous painter, who also was a caricaturist, till the end of November.

This exhibit comprises circa 40 drawings and is part of the PortoCartoon 2019 Special Caricature Prize, which is organised by the World National Press Museum (NPM) jointly with the 19th edition of PortoCartoon-World Festival.

Caricaturists of circa 30 countries, such as Bulgaria, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Scotland, Egypt, India, Montenegro, Poland; Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Ukraine authored illustrations that "lead to splendid versions" and "elevate the pinnacles of caricature artwork", enhanced Luiz Humberto Marcos, director of the national Press Museum in the exhibition webpage.

"The fragmented deconstruction - a trait in many Picasso's drawings - contextualizes the genius painter and strengthens its relation with the horror scream that Guernica represents" (one of the most famous paintings by Picasso), Luiz Humberto Marcos adds.

This display spotlights the 1st prize awarded to Dalcio Machado, from Brazil, and the honourable mentions granted to the Portuguese caricaturists António Santos/Santiagu and Fernando Saraiva. The artwork can be appreciated in the shopping centre gallery's official web page.