"Are you the missing piece?" If you are, maybe BLIP is your next workplace. They are hiring

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Blip is currently hiring. There are 70 open vacancies that can lead you to finding a job at this Portuguese Porto-based technological company that is "a top of the edge software engineering company". 

The goal is to make the application process as user friendly as possible, so Blip launched a site to attract talent. The tech company is relying on finding the perfect matches for the 19 working positons in the Porto office, located at Avenida de Camilo, just across Alexandre Herculano High school.

The motto is "Find your dream job" and this really indicates why Blip has been considered the best place to work in Portugal by Exame Magazine, in 2017; the posts includes flexible working times, family support services and the opportunity to take part in international exchanges.

"One of Blip's brand images is its policy of attracting and retaining talent, and the pandemic did not stop us. Despite the crisis, we opened 70 vacancies for senior and mid-ranking officials", explains Ângelo Valente, Blip's Senior Employer Brand Manager.

The creation of this site is included in a project developed amid the pandemic and it features the designing of five sites for different companies that are part of the Flutter Entertainment Group, in Portugal, Ireland, United Kingdom, Malta and Romenia.

The company is an innovation hub with a strong knowledge in software development and the web application, founded in 2009, by three software engineers in Porto and incubated at UPTEC - Science and Technology Park in Porto. This fastest growing company is always looking at attracting the best talent in Porto and they work with the best.

Blip has an interesting award winning portfolio: In 2012, the company became part of a Group of Companies with Headquarters in London called Betfair and in February 2016 of a bigger group that resulted of the merger of Paddy Power and Betfair (online Sports betting).

In addition, Blip received the Overseas Direct Investment Award for its fruitful contributions between Portugal and the United Kingdom, on 19th November 2019.

They are at the same rank as Twitter, Facebook and Google because the work they develop is used the world over by circa six million people.

Early on, this year, the company decided to join the association "Encontrar+se", also in Porto, and raised 31 thousand euros to help the mental health cause.

Blip delivers the most inventive sports betting websites, mobile apps and retail systems for five million customers around the globe, and it specialises in Internet and mobile phones software production, dedicated to the development of online games.

The software is developed in Porto and it is totally exported, making Blip a major hub at global level.