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Architects from Porto are already in the third competition won in Iceland

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From Porto, the architecture studio Sastudio has been popular in Nordic lands. After winning two competitions for the creation of two kindergartens – in Reykjavik and in Garðabær – the Porto architects were once again chosen for a project in Iceland, this time a community centre in Höfn.

“The designed structure promotes a connection with the surrounding nature and will activate new social activities for locals and tourists”, says UPTEC, the Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Universidade do Porto that houses the Sastudio, in a statement.

The Leiðarhöfði Community Park, developed with two Icelandic partners - Hjark and Landmotun -, will occupy one hectare of land and includes “a 500m2 multipurpose building that rises smoothly from the ground” creating “a new street front” and protecting “the new plaza from the dominant northeast winds, while maximizing sun exposure”.

With the aim of offering “a new point of view on the village and the surrounding nature”, the architects designed a landscaped roof that “extends the local flora” and becomes “an extension of the pedestrian walkway”. It also adds that “the natural accumulation of water will create a lake for the warm months and a skating rink for the colder ones”.

Thought “to create a versatile space, able to accommodate several types of events and adapt to multiple uses for the population and visitors”, the Leiðarhöfði Community Park will have a playground, hammocks, swings, and exercise equipment, made from recycled fishing material and local wood. “The new pier extends the walk over the water, offering a new perspective of the landscape and greater contact with nature”, assures UPTEC.

“We took a risk in challenging existing planning for private housing, we considered the population’s wish for a new centrality in this unique place. We suggested and designed a community centre, a social space for all ages, which can accommodate different functions and support outdoors activities.”, explains Tiago Sá, founder of Sastudio.