Anton Chekhov's works by Porto Municipal Theatre and São João Theatre

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Estelle Valente

A long running performance, especially one of Anton Chekhov's works, brings not only excitement but also something of a teaser that will awaken our sense of reality. The journey kicks off tomorrow.

"A Vida Vai engolir-vos" is the theme of the marathon show at the Teatro Municipal do Porto (TMP), which means something like "Life Will Swallow You Up", brings back the long theatrical performance to the stages of Rivoli, First Half, on 17th and 19th September, Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 3pm, and the Second Half, at Theatre Nacional São João, on 18th and 19th September, at 8.30pm, respectively.

Anton Chekhov is the master play that will be brought to audiences by stage director Tónan Quito, in charge of this bold scenic venture that will take to the stages of São João and Rivoli some of the most relevant plays by Chekhov, almost in one single breath: The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard.

This show is held in the context of the programme "União de Facto", a partnership between TMP and TNSJ, and it is also a co-production and a co-presentation with the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II and São Luiz Teatro Municipal, both in Lisbon.

And maybe, just maybe, one can get a glimpse of an answer to the question that Anton Chekhov wanted answered: How will humanity be like in the future?

Wouldn't you like to know?

As a tribute to actor Bruno Candé (who would celebrate his 40th birthday on 18th September), who was murdered last 25th July, box office proceeds of the 19th September, regarding the Rivoli performance, will go to his family, via the Associação SOS Racismo.

The audience can get a combined ticket that costs 20 euros, which is on sale at the ticket office of both rooms. The ticket for each session at Rivoli costs 9 euros; at the Teatro Nacional São João, the price for each session ranges from 7.5 euros to 16 euros.