An owls’ life, a FUNtantastic tale to share with the youngest ones at home

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There are numerous benefits to telling stories and sharing knowledge with the younger ones. Find a comfortable place in your couch and invite the whole family to share some fun time while getting to know the habits of these amazing birds, through the storytelling by the Environment Education Team of Porto City Hall.

The set is as creative as it could be, with different type of puppets and an engaging scenario. The story is themed “A vida de um mocho", [“The life of an Owl”, free translation].

Owls nest in trees and in holes in the ground. While many other birds migrate during the winter, to warmer places, most owls live in the same place for the entire year. They feed on prey, namely insects and earthworms, and also on small vertebrates including amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Owls usually display a flat-topped head, a plump, a compact body and a short tail. A striking feature is their facial disc, which is flattened above the eyes and conveys owls the funny frowning expression. Their plumage is usually greyish-brown, spotted, streaked and barred with white.

Watch and listen carefully:

Have fun!