AddVolt presents the world's 1st plug-in electric-hybrid system, tested and approved by GALP

  • Dulce Pereira Abrantes

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AddVolt and Everythink mobile Power bank, developed by FEUP’s alumni, has been tested and received the seal of approval by GALP.

Addvolt, a company incubated at UPTEC — Science and Technological Park of the University of Porto, developed a mobile car power bank, aka electric battery charging for electric and hybrid vehicles. Addvolt’s long-time business partner Everythink, a company also incubated at UPTEC, was in charge of the he product design.

The AddVolt EV Power bank is easily transportable and also aims at providing electric cars and plug-in hybrids a mobile loader, which is a fast charger and does not need infrastructure.

The goal is that these power banks can be carried in the vehicles and are placed in strategic places as well, such as airports, gas stations, supermarkets and shopping and leisure centres.

Addvolt was incubated at the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto- UPTEC, in 2014 by four engineers of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). The company has developed the first plug-in electric system for the transport system. The start up's patented technology electrifies refrigeration units, by reducing fuel (diesel or gasoline) dependence, noise level and carbon emissions.

The company's main objective is to create "green cities, contributing to the wellbeing of both car drivers and citizens", by making electric power available to everyone in the transport sector and boosting the decarbonisation of refrigerated trailers and containers. This will facilitate the use of private electric vehicles.