"Porto." arrives in East Asia and is a topical issue in a Korean design magazine

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About to celebrate two years since its creation, the brand "Porto." is now presented to the Asian press,  highlighted in the magazine Design 459, which devotes a special issue to the building of a city brand.

This design and branding project of White Studio, under Eduardo Aires art direction took the view that, for each individual, Porto is unique and it has been a lever for the recognition of the city in Portugal and worldwide.

Commissioned by the City  Hall of Porto, this visual identity project immediately stood out for distinction in several international awards and has started an internationalization strategy of the brand "Porto.".

Thus, the emphasis placed by the Design 459 award confirms the idea that this is a global brand already recognized and which reflects an identity of a city that is easily mirrored in different contexts and cultures.

The brand "Porto." has been internationally awarded with various prizes of world recognition  as the D & AD Awards in London; the Graphis in New York and two ED golden Awards in Istanbul.