85 years of Rivoli

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José Caldeira

The Rivoli Theatre celebrates its 85th anniversary with a series of special shows. It opened on 20th January 1932.

To mark this special occasion, Porto City Hall and Municipal Theatre feature a non-stop 15 hour programme, giving the public the chance to discover the history of Rivoli since its inception.

The public will be able to visit, for free, the backstage of this iconic theatre, and view, first-hand, the way art was conceived and understood throughout this past decades, in the nine venues prepared for this event, with seven shows that offer music, dance, literature and theatre performances to pay tribute to Rivoli's past and celebrate its present and future.

The celebrations will also introduce the public to two installations, an exhibition and a party at the end of the day.

The Rivoli draws its strength from its city, the people of Porto, from the moment when they adopted a very decisive, forward-looking position and decided they "didn't want the theatre to stop having a programming of its own", as highlighted by Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto.

According to Tiago Guedes, Artistic Director of the Municipal Theatre, "celebrating Rivoli now is to pay homage to its past, a more or less distant past, a more or less visible past, but a past filled with stories to share."

After all, the history of Rivoli with the city continues to be told.