13th Women's Race record number of participants?again

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Participants to the 13th women's race kept pouring this past Sunday, May 20th. This was a record number of participants with over 22 thousand women either running or walking throughout the streets of Porto, dressed in rose tinted t-shirts.

The main goal of this event is to support the Institute of Oncology of Porto (IPO-Porto) in the struggle against breast cancer.

Lots of fun and encouragement were delivered by women of all ages at Antas promenade, from 25 different nationalities.

The 5 km all-female race partnered with IPO to support the fight against breast cancer.

Twenty-two thousand euros were raised with this year's edition. In total, after 13 such events, more than 240 thousand euros have been raised to support this cause.

Elite athletes taking part in the race crossed the finishing line in a little over 17 minutes. Mónica Silva (ISAG) was the fastest and won the race with a total run time of 17 minutes and 9 seconds. Silva had already won the race in 2011.