News Porto.

Blue Flag Programme is back to the beaches in Porto to raise awareness regarding biodiversity preservation

The Programme ‘Bandeira Azul 2021’ (Blue Flag 20-21) is back to the beaches in Porto, to raise children ‘awareness on the importance of “Recovering the Biodiversity”, by adopting environmentally safe and responsible behaviours. The sessions are targeted at children aged between 6 and 10 years old. The number of participant is limited due to the ongoing pandemic.

It’s time to summer at the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library

July is on already and, starting on 13 July, activities such as playing with Legos, toys and reading sessions and other treats for the youngest ones are back to the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library. Brace yourselves for the “Verão a Valer” activities, targeted at children aged between 18 months and 12 years old.

U.Porto offers a new graduate course in the area of Computer Engineering and Computing

The U. Porto will offer a new graduate course in the academic year 2021/22 in the area of Computer Engineering and Computing. This new graduate course is jointly organised by the Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) and by the Faculty of sciences (FCUP), and the course will be delivered at FEUP. The number of vacancies is 260 in 2021/22.

Archaeological findings deliver cultural highlights from to West to the East in Porto’s Museu da Cidade

The former water reservoir of the Pasteleira Park is the first station of the Museu da Cidade, to the West, in the city of Porto. The Reservatório, designed by Alexandre Alves Costa and Sérgio Fernandez, gathers artefacts, traces and pieces found in excavations or collected in buildings and monuments of the city. As of today, this Museum station is open to the public.

Get to know the pilgrimage routes of Santiago de Compostela following the Porto paths

The celebrations of the Xacobeo, the Holly Year for the Catholic tradition, are extended to Porto, this time with a thematic promotional video, devoted to the pilgrimage routes of Santiago de Compostela, named after the Apostle, that cross the city of Porto.

Espaço T and its true vocation for solidarity: pay them a visit

The Mercado do Vilar offers multiple brands this weekend of 10 and 11 July, between 10 am and 7 pm, with the purpose of raising funds to the institution's activities. This solidarity fair promotes social cohesion values, evermore relevant in such unprecedented times.

Urban Art goes on display at the Parque das Águas

This Saturday happens another session of the Jardim da Água, which marks the start of the urban art at the Parque das Águas. The event kicks off at 10 am and concludes at 5 pm. The programme also includes a visit to the site, delivered by Professor Germano Silva.

World mayors sign the Porto Declaration on Tourism and the Future of Cities

The signing of the Porto Declaration marks the conclusion of the UNWTO Mayors Forum for Sustainable Urban Tourism, which was held at Porto Customs, today, 9 July.

The Secretary General of The World Tourism Organisation was welcomed at Porto City Chambers on 8 July

The Secretary General of The World Tourism Organisation, Zurab Pololikashvili was welcomed on Thursday by the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, at the City Council Chambers.

Arco Maior is a “second chance school” for children and young people

Arco Maior is an institution that promotes the professional training of young people signalled by the CPCJ (Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People), so that they conclude their 6th, 9th and 12th school levels.