News Porto.

Let’s go out and watch a movie with “Há Filmes na Baixa!”

The cinema cycle "Há Filmes na Baixa" is back in Porto from 9 to 22 June and features some of the most iconic films, in collaboration with Porto/Post/Doc. Highlight to the two cult movies that will take to the silver screen at Passos Manuel this June: Ran and Apocalipse Now.

The STCP transported circa 190 thousand passengers per day, in May

STCP, Porto’s Bus Company, transported, on average, 190 thousand passengers, last May. These figures comprise the entire Bus network, operating on working days and represent 70% of the figures registered during the pre-pandemic phase.

U.Porto new students welcome kit is available for pick up following pandemic interruption

The offer of the welcome kits to the 2020/2021 UP new students will be resumed from 7 to 25 June, at the Loja da Universidade, upon presentation of the respective voucher. The distribution had been interrupted last October, owing to the pandemic.

The Museum of the Holocaust in Porto offers free visits until the end of June

The Museum of the Holocaust, which inaugurated in Porto last May, with circa 300 daily visitors, offers entrance free until the end of June. This is the first Holocaust Museum in the Iberian Peninsula and its target goal is to keep the memory of the victims of one of the darkest periods in Humankind’s latest history alive.

HIV/AIDS screening services scheduling for the month of June in Porto

The CAD HIV/AIDS mobile unit service scheduling is already available for his month of June. Sessions are free, organised on a first-come, first served basis and all data is confidential.

U.Porto invests circa half a million euros to strengthen support to mobility students

The University of Porto is equipping 75 rooms to strengthen support to mobility students under the Erasmus+ programme. International students are able to attend online classes from especially equipped rooms within the 14 faculties if the U. Porto, as of the start of the second semester.

Welcome to Bioblitz at the Serralves Park, your weekend essential

The Serralves Foundation, sponsored by Lipor and associated municipalities, invites families and general public to enjoy the 7th edition of Bioblitz, the nature awareness project that is sure to provide the key to a well spent time in a natural atmosphere, on 5 and 6 June. Access is free.

The “Cascatas de São João” invite to creative thinking and making in Porto

Porto residents and visitors are invited to take part in the city’s super special festival in town, by creating the most famous “Cascatas de São João”, aka, cascades of little traditional houses that portray the typical ways of life of the people in Porto. The goal is to build up to 250 little houses that will, then, form the greatest picture of what a “Cascata” (Cascade) is. The collective São João Cascata will be on display at the Bolhão Temporary Market, from 21 to 28 June.

Jardim do Calém Fun Park blends in business, fun and safety

This June, refresh your routines with a visit to one of the three Fun Parks that are set in Porto and are a must for a “fartura” (a traditional Portuguese dessert), a match by the football table and a ride in the bumper cars. Mayor Rui Moreira walked by one of such spots, at the Jardim do Calém and tasted his first “fartura” of the year. Rui Moreira was accompanied by councillor Catarina Araújo, and by Sofia Maia, the president of the Union of Parishes of Lordelo do Ouro and Massarelos.

U.Porto is (again) one of the best universities in the world, according to the Shanghai ranking

The University of Porto ranks among the bets in the world in several areas. This year, the Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects spotlights the University of Porto among the top 100 at world level, as regards Science and Food Technology, Biomedical Engineering and veterinary medicine.