News Highlights

Search for Porto’s authentic origins by visiting the most thrilling viewpoints ever in town

Discover the most magnificent details of Porto‘s landscape through the lenses of the several viewpoints in the city. The new Porto City Hall promotional video offers 24 breath-taking overviews of the Invicta. Let your eyes have it.

This is a new take on night outings, if you are not afraid of the dark

Spending an evening with bats is not weird, instead it can be as mysterious as it sounds. The fourth out of the seven organised evenings to watch up close how these mammals live happens on 6 August at the Parque Oriental. This initiative marks the 30th anniversary of the years of the Agreement for the Conservation of Bats in Europe, under the Bonn Convention.

This is good news: the cycle Quintas de Leitura resumes the in-person format today

It’s been 20 years that the poetic initiative Quintas de Leitura marks its comeback to the in-person format, with a session at the auditorium of Porto Municipal Theatre, Campo Alegre, at 7.30 pm. Tickets purchased for the postponed session last January are valid.

Thousands of families save over 300 euros a year because of the free Andante for 13 to 18 years old

The extension of the free of charge “Andante 13-18” intermodal transport ticket in Porto benefitted, last year, 4700 young people. The subscription renewal, which combines the non-chargeable principle to the benefits of the Porto. card, is ongoing until 31 August.

Rehabilitated Águas e Energia do Porto lab offers optimum conditions to handle water in Porto

The renovation of the laboratory of the Águas e Energia do Porto is now completed. The facilities are now equipped with state of the art technologies, and the capacity to assess the quality of the water has been enhanced, thus ensuring that tap water in Porto meets both quality and safety requirements.

Taxis make circa two hundred runs every day to Covid-19 vaccination sites in Porto

The Municipality of Porto and the Taxi operators in the city have signed a cooperation agreement to transport people to and from vaccination centres, namely the Health Centres in the Western and Eastern part of the city. The service is available as of 9 March and it enables to travel to vaccination sites by taxi ride at two euros per one-way trip, and round-trips at 4 euros. This measure had already been announced by Mayor Rui Moreira on 22nd February, during the Municipal Executive meeting.

Municipal Executive voted the call for proposals for Supervised Drug consumption Rooms in Porto

One year after the signing of the protocol and after contacts between the Health authorities, Porto City Hall and the Intervention Services on Addictive Behaviour and addictions, a health and management model was adopted by the Supervised Consumption in the Municipality of Porto. The implementation of this programme entails municipal investment in the amount of circa 650 thousand euros, whereas 270 thousand euros accrue to the managing entity for the period of one year, on a trial basis.

Blue Flag Programme is back to the beaches in Porto to raise awareness regarding biodiversity preservation

The Programme ‘Bandeira Azul 2021’ (Blue Flag 20-21) is back to the beaches in Porto, to raise children ‘awareness on the importance of “Recovering the Biodiversity”, by adopting environmentally safe and responsible behaviours. The sessions are targeted at children aged between 6 and 10 years old. The number of participant is limited due to the ongoing pandemic.

U.Porto offers a new graduate course in the area of Computer Engineering and Computing

The U. Porto will offer a new graduate course in the academic year 2021/22 in the area of Computer Engineering and Computing. This new graduate course is jointly organised by the Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) and by the Faculty of sciences (FCUP), and the course will be delivered at FEUP. The number of vacancies is 260 in 2021/22.

World mayors sign the Porto Declaration on Tourism and the Future of Cities

The signing of the Porto Declaration marks the conclusion of the UNWTO Mayors Forum for Sustainable Urban Tourism, which was held at Porto Customs, today, 9 July.