News Highlights

Porto City Hall is shortlisted for Public Policies Prize as regards earlier screening of Covid-19 in nursing homes

Porto City Hall is among the five finalists of the IPPS-Iscte Public Policies Prize. This recognition is the result of the Municipal programme to early detection of Covid-19 in Residential Structures for Elderly People in the city of Porto, which provided screening and testing to all beneficiaries and care workers of retirement homes within the Municipality of Porto. The winners will be announced on 20th November, in an online ceremony.

São Silvestre do Porto goes virtual amid the ongoing pandemic

This year, the São Silvestre race of Porto, scheduled for 26 and 27 December, goes virtual for the first time ever. Applications are open and participants can choose between the 10km race or the 5km walk. All information is available at the Runporto website.

The Guardian illustrates Europe’s response to Covid-19 second wave with Porto’s communication campaign

The Guardian displays Porto’s Covid prevention measures campaign to explain how Europe is tackling the pandemic’s second wave. The online article highlights how several European countries, such as Austria, Germany, France, Sweden and Portugal are implementing measures, as regards, for instance, community engagement and restrictions.

Porto City Hall wants to exempt economic activities from paying municipal charges until the end of 2021

The Municipal Executive led by Rui Moreira will include in the 2021 Municipal Budget an extension of the support measures to economic operators in town till the end of 2021. The measure represents a budget impact of over 315 thousand euros.

Porto Youth Hostel provides 35 beds to caregive for the elderly that test negative for Covid-19

Porto Youth Hostel is already working as of 11th November, as a district hosting facility for people that are not infected with the new coronavirus, and the first beneficiaries are due to arrive within the coming days. The equipment is supplied with 35 beds, but its installed capacity can be doubled. In addition, the elderly who cannot rely on caretakers that have been infected by Covid-19 can be hosted at the Youth Hostel.

Porto to stand with no Xmas tree and no fireworks for New Year’s Eve

This year, the traditional Christmas tree will not be displayed in front of Porto City Hall, as it could lead to crowd gatherings. Amid the ongoing Covid-19, the usual festive programme is halted, namely ice rinks, concerts in the Avenue and in other street stages scattered all over town, as well as street theatre and travelling street performances. The New Year’s Eve fireworks, which usually brings together thousands of people to downtown Porto is cancelled as well.

The Water Pavilion features digital learning sessions while proximate and attendance are not possible

While physical attendance is yet to be fully possible, many arts and cultural equipment turn to other platforms to connect with their audiences. As such, the Water Pavilion, in Porto, offers digital services, namely the educational project H2Online. This project ensures that social and social distancing is in place while providing several laboratory activities that are streamed via the Microsoft Teams platform.

Porto is second to none, according to Monocle

This "civic spot", Porto ranks first in Monocle's second annual Small Cities Index and the city is profiled as featuring the perfect "urban life" as it offers a number of opportunities business, cultural, and nature wise.

Porto Municipal Theatre digital stage welcomes you

This season, Porto Municipal Theatre also takes to the digital stages, and much so due to the lower seat availability as regards shows, amid the ongoing pandemic. The internet will be the perfect ally to follow and appreciate some of the shows by TMP. This weekend, the performance by Gonçalo Amorim & Paulo Furtado/Teatro Experimental do Porto (TEP), ESTRO / WATTS - Poesia da idade do rock will be streamed online on 8th November, at 5pm.

Porto provides a second drive-thru Covid-19 testing centre

As of today, there is a second drive-thru Covid-19 testing centre in Porto, namely in the parish of Campanhã. This new equipment was set up in the parking lot of S. Roque, a space provide by the City Hall. This screening centre is run as the one set up at the Queimódromo (operated by Unilabs), since the beginning of the pandemic, the first of its kind to be set up in the country, and people don't need to exit their vehicles to get tested. Also, the centre is open to the entire population, but...